On this page, We will let you know about Sekigahara Gassen Festival.
Sekigahara Gassen Festival is between September and mid-October every year.
It’s a Performance show, based on Sekigahara battle happened in the Age of Civil Wars.

Main event is “Sekigahara Gassen Emaki”.
“Sekigahara Gassen Emaki” is performance show which will be presented in exactly the same story as real sekigahara battle in the Age of Civil Wars .

They are expecting the number of participants be 120 people.
Those 120 people will separate into 7 teams, and play the story based on real Sekigahara Battle.
“Sekigahara Gassen Emaki” has three parts.
“Fujin Performance” , “Zengun Busha Gyoretsu”, and “Gassen Emaki”.

First performance will be “Fujin performance”.
In this program each team will line up, perform and take a pictures with people who came to festival.

In “Zengun Busha Shinkou”, both army will line up and go to Jinbano grounds.
Ishida Mitsunari and Tokugawa Ieyasu are on top, so they will get on to horses and go to Jinbano grounds.
Before going to Jinbano grounds, the commander will introduce himself.
Will have fun talking show, and a lot of laugh.

And last is “Gassen Emaki”.
“Gassen Emaki” is a play that will be presented in exactly the same story as real Sekigahara battle in the Age of Civil Wars .
Good point to see is story based on real history, some original script, and sword battle by actor, and more.

Not only performance.
They have event called “Final mochi maki” that people throw mochi with prize.
And “Sengoku goods market” where one can buy goods of Sekigahara commander.
And more Events and performances.

We are hoping you will come to Sekigahara Gassen Festival.

Saturday October 18 2014
Sunday October 19 2014

Place: Jinbano ground Sasaoyama Parking,
Sasaoyama ground,  Sekigahara Fureai center and around the Fureai center.

Nearest station JR Sekigahara station.
45 minutes by JR Tokaido line from Nagoya station.
20 minutes by JR Tokaido line from Maibara station.

Nearest IC Meishin Expressway Sekigahara IC.

More information is on Sekigahara sightseeing website.

Sekigahara sightseeing Sekigahara schedule.