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[Mitsunari Ishida] Flee..
Mitsunari, who was in the Western Army’s advantageous military formation and who suffered such an unexpected defeat. A sticker which can be used in day to day life, to express the chagrin of having no other choice but to flee, even when you find fleeing to be mortifying.

[Musashi] YAYAYA!!
The battle cry uttered by Musashi when fighting. It can be used in a menacing way whenever the other person says something weird, when challenging, when one wants to imbibe oneself with fighting spirit, and so forth…

[Saizo] Isn’t it..?
Used while seeking approval regarding one’s own opinion. Other than that, it can also be used with the nuance of a ‘Perhaps’. One can say this who is full of confidence!!!

[Ieyasu Tokugawa] Be patient.
You can use Ieyasu’s [Be patient] sticker in your day-to-day life. Ieyasu, who was patient till the end, at long last and with great difficulty, took over the whole country. There is a certain weight to the words of Ieyasu, who was always so patient.

[Musashi] Good Morning ‘084’!!
Let’s use this one when we have just woken up! Even if you’ve ended up waking up in the afternoon, say a cheerful ‘Good morning!’ like the performers do, by using this sticker!


[Yoshitsugu Otani] Your pleasure!
Can be used when respectfully saying “Understood.’ Besides this, can also be used generally to express agreement.

[Mitsunari Ishida] Tea
This sticker of Mitsunari drinking his tea with a dignified face can be used in your daily life. Since the place where you drink tea is sacred, it is unforgivable to pollute it in any way. Because Mitsunari has such an expression while drinking tea, he cannot be betrayed by Yoshitsugu Otani!

[Saizo] “I would like to see you try.”
This can be used when trying to provoke or agitate an opponent. You can use it when you are scheming something and have a fearless smile on your face!

[Nene] In the middle of taking a bath♪
If, in the middle of bath having a conversation with someone, you want to let them know that you have entered the bath, you can use this stamp to convey that! But try not to keep sending it just because you want to see Nene bathing!!!

[Tadakatsu Honda] Eating
This stamp can be used whenever you want to say something related to food, like- “It’s meal time!”, “I’m in the middle of eating!”, or “Let’s eat!”.

[Yododono] Uruuru…
Take the help of this sticker to express yourself whenever you are sad or feeling moved by something. Also when you want to ask for a favor from someone, or just want to be fawned over …

[Musashi] Calling on!
Can be used when reacting to a late reply on Line. Besides that, it can be used to give reports such as “Going to-“

[Ieyasu Tokugawa] Good Night!
Can be used to wish “Good night!” at night, or when you have accidently ended up dozing off. Can even be used when you want to let the other person rest or sleep!

[Mitsunari Ishida] ‘Gak-!’ (Expression of shock )
With this sticker, you can use Mitsunari’s shocked face to express yourself in everyday life. This is a Mitsunari who cannot hide the excessive shock he has suffered because of his army fleeing.

[Yoshitsugu Otani] “Ummm..”
Can be used when you are thinking or worrying about something. Also at such a time when you are lost for an answer or reply to something.

[Saizo] “GOGOGOGO”(Expressing anger)
Frequently gets very angry. Since Saizo’s personality was such that he tended to use his strength to hold people down (or to physically dominate people), he was greatly feared! Such wrath will even scorch grass!

[Yoshitsugu Otani] “Wait for a while”
While this sticker can be used to say “Wait” in everyday life, it evokes of the calm expression like reading a verse of time. ※The words of Yoshigitsu Otani, who committed ritual suicide at the battle of Sekigahara : “May we pledge to the Six Paths, and wait for but awhile, to reunite once again in the life ahead.”

[Ieyasu tokugawa] Interesting!
It can not only used as a reply to someone who has interest in something, but can also be used for accepting good ideas.

[Nene] Do your best!
Can be used for expressions like ‘Do your best!’, ‘Fight!’ and can also be used for encouraging someone who is depressed.

[Tadakatsu Honda] Affirmative!
Can be used for expressing ‘success’, ‘correct’ and can also be used for giving a positive reply like ‘Okay”, ‘Understood’ etc.

[Yododono] Good Morning!
Can be used for saying Good Morning and can also be used when you are pleased and for expressing a feeling like [We did it!].

[Musashi] THANK YOU!!!
Can be used while expressing gratitude towards someone. It can also be used as a general expression or as a supportive response.

[Tokugawa Ieyasu] Tired…
Can be used when you are tired, disappointed or feeling unhealthy.

[Yododono] Boastful laugh!
Can be used when boasting, it can also be used for provoking people.

[Musashi] Regards!
In addition to the greeting to a stranger, it is also possible to use this sticker while asking someone for some favor.

[Tadakatsu Honda] Denial
Can be used against misinterpreted situations like ‘the end’, ‘incorrect’ etc. and can also be used for denying a question.

[Eastern Army] Hurray!!!
Can be used when pleased with happiness, can also be used while expressing feelings like [I’ve done it!]

[Nene] Sigh…
Can be used to express disappointment, regret or when one lose strength in his shoulders.


[Nene] Good night!
Can be used at the time of going to bed and even when you want someone to take a rest.

[Musashi] Pleasant!
Can be used while using expressions like ‘OK!’, ‘GOOD!’ and while praising someone like saying ‘EXCELLENT!’ as well!

[Yododono] (Humming)♪
Can be used when you are happy or when you accept some consent as well.

[Yoshitsugu Otani] Regret…
Otani, who committed suicide because of regret in the Battle of Sekigahara. Otani’s feelings was full of regret.
This sticker can be used on daily basis for expressing sorrow.

[Saizo] Passion!
Other than tackling a challenge, this sticker can also be used for expressions like ‘Entrust’,’Rely on’ etc.

[Tadakatsu Honda] Questioning
Can be used while asking some question or doubt, as well as while confirming something. For example, ‘Really?’, this sticker can be used at that time also.


[Yododono] Blushing
Other than hiding embarrassment or blushing, this sticker can also be used for expressing happiness or comfort.

[Tadakatsu Honda] Apologizing
When apologizing or while requesting someone, this sticker can be used instead of “Request” sticker.

[Sekigahara] Decisive War
This sticker can be used for experiencing day-to-day battle of Sekigahara. In Sekigahara, Ieyasu from the Western Army and Mitsunari from the Eastern Army, the opposing party, are fighting with each-other.

[Saizo] Calm Down!
Can be used at some place where you can take a breather and relax, to make someone calmed down, or to calm down yourself!

Can be used while requesting, greeting someone on the occasion of New Year or while meeting someone for the first time.

[Mitsunari Ishida] Stunned
A sticker of Mitsunari Ishida stunned because of a shock, can be used on daily basis. He couldn’t think anything in that situation.