LINE stickers [Sengoku634 Sekigahara chapter] open for sales

May 14, 2015 News

Tokyo, 4th March 2015
Genero Technologies (Head office: Tokyo, Taito region), managing Line characters of Warring States Period on [Sengoku634] website, has started selling the LINE stickers on 4th March 2015.

[Outline of Products and services] Product Name: Sengoku634 | Sekigakara Chapter
You can now use the stickers of the greatest attraction of the battle, Musashi and Saizo, famous military commanders of the eastern army who had actively participated in the battle, princess.
These are the paid stickers in the LINE application.
Total 40 types
Selling Price:
Line Sticker Store: 100 Yen
Stickers Shop(iOS): 50 LINE coins
Stickers Shop(Android): 50 LINE coins
Validity: Unlimited

[Operating environment] iOS, Android LINE version 3.1.1, NOKIA Asha LINE version 1.7.20, BlackBerry LINE version 1.10, Windows Phone LINE version 2.7 and above, FireFox LINE version 1.1.4 and above.

[Our Plans] We’ll develop few more sets of new designs and new characters.

[Details of Sengoku634] It is a project based on Battle of Sengoku, also called as the greatest historical battle of Sengoku. The very first chapter [Sengoku634 | Sekigahara chapter] is based on characters of Miyamoto Musashi, 8 military commanders who had actively participated in the battle of Sekigahara.


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