SENGOKU 634 is a project based on characters from the Age of Civil Wars.
We set many characters.
Miyamoto Musashi will be the main character.
Our goal is to make a virtual attraction park in which, one can enjoy history of Japan through the Age of Civil Wars characters.
Japanese scenery might look much the same compared with scenery of overseas.
However, each individual of the town,
who raised the people of the town, having spiritual features, it is based on the ancestor’s drama.
The Age of Civil Wars is a period of Samurai,and it was the time when the people were fighting to end this war.
That history is difficult to approach, but history is the way of each person’s life, not focusing only on a person or an event but to know what people were feeling in those days.
SENGOKU 634 is aimed at “enjoy the history of a town.”
We wish to thank the land that helped Japanese people to grow and to build a great history.
In The Age of Civil Wars, many battles were fought and as we know the life of the people in those wars, we can know our own life.